Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our trombone player

Jay's mom requested to see pictures of Savanna playing her trombone. We are still surprised that this was her choice of instrument for band this year, but she is learning to play it very fast. Savanna is the middle child, but she has really adjusted to her new school the best out of our three kids. Schoolwork has always been very easy for her. Savanna was also voted by her class to be the student leader this trimester, which means she gets to do things like the school announcements on Wednesday mornings and gets a free lunch that day.
Garrett and Maralee are above sitting in our new recliners we had delivered this week. We've been in Telluride for six months sitting either on an inflatable couch or camping chairs! We took advantage of the Ashley Home Furniture 2 for 1 recliner special.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Snooty Telluridians :)

Okay, we're not really snooty, but we did spend the afternoon shopping in Mountain Village. We have had a huge amount of snow in the past 12 hours which made for a fun ride on the gondola! The gondola will be closing tonight and won't reopen until November 16th, the Friday before Thanksgiving, which is also the first day of ski season here. The temperature is 28 degrees and we got tired and thirsty just like we were at the mall, so we had to stop into Colorado Tracks for some hot chocolate, cookies and brownies. :) I did manage to find some ski pants for me on sale and Jay, Maralee and I bought ski boots from 2007 season for 50% off. We all are ready now except for Savanna!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I declare it winter in Telluride!!!!

It's been snowing like crazy for awhile this afternoon. The snow began in the middle of the night last night and melted off some earlier this afternoon, but right now the snow has gone nuts and the temperature is dropping! Jay and I have been shopping for skis on-line today. I think the snow put us in the mood for it. I also inserted a picture above of what I hope to buy within the next few months. I decided I like the Jeep Unlimited Rubicon more than the Jeep Commander. We can even order one on-line and pick it up in Durango. The offers on financing are so much better for brand new than used Jeeps, plus I wouldn't feel guilty for buying a brand new car knowing that I will drive it literally for forever. We've had the Jeep Grand Cherokee for 10 years now and it is getting close to 200,000 miles! My biggest decision right now is the COLOR! I was considering the bright yellow, but Jay doesn't like it very much, and it's the most expensive color Jeep offers. So now the color is narrowed down to red, rescue green or steel blue metallic. Savanna is hoping for the blue.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bridal Veil Falls

Today when I picked Maralee up from school, I noticed the sun shining brightly in the canyon, so I knew I could catch sunlight on Bridal Veil Falls. This is probably where I take the most pictures. Maralee wanted to drive up to the power house, but we were just out for a short drive after going to the post office. Besides that, there is already some snow on the road leading up to it. They had an open house in the power station last month and now I'm really regretting not going up there for it. It's the 100th birthday of the power house station this year.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where do I start?

This is my first real blog! I have a blog on my Myspace page at, but I think I've only used it a couple of times. My friend Kristen (wife of Ari, another Telluride Deputy Marshal) has a blog and she said it was really easy. Maybe this will be a good way for everyone to keep up with things we are doing that I might forget to say on the phone. You can leave comments on each blog entry. Please do it! :)

TODAY is our SIX MONTH COLORADO ANNIVERSARY!!! Jay has just one more night working the night shift, then he will start days and we'll finally have the same schedule, working 10 hours Wednesday through Saturday. I'm so thankful for Jay's new job. It's so nice to be in a small, laid back town. Gone are the days of sudden SWAT call-outs, not knowing where Jay is going and what the outcome will be. No more meth labs, child abuse, prostitution rings, calls involving dead bodies, etc. Yes, there is still definitely crime in Telluride, but Jay is adjusting to small-town cop work just fine. The schools here are awesome and the kids have made lots of new friends. :) My friends are mainly the ones I've met at church ( and the people Jay works with.

Tomorrow the kids and I will be passing out sacks in town for our church's annual clothing drive. I hear that the people in town are very generous and we usually have a wonderful donation day before the town's annual ski swap. I was planning a trip to Montrose to look at furniture, go to Wal-Mart and visit the new TARGET store, but we are expecting snow with possible accumulations of 5 to 10 inches. I might hold off on this shopping trip after all. Above is a picture Savanna took this afternoon of the snow moving over Ajax Peak. Everyone knows I like to talk and I'm on the computer many, many hours a week, so I'll be adding more soon! :)