Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I declare it winter in Telluride!!!!

It's been snowing like crazy for awhile this afternoon. The snow began in the middle of the night last night and melted off some earlier this afternoon, but right now the snow has gone nuts and the temperature is dropping! Jay and I have been shopping for skis on-line today. I think the snow put us in the mood for it. I also inserted a picture above of what I hope to buy within the next few months. I decided I like the Jeep Unlimited Rubicon more than the Jeep Commander. We can even order one on-line and pick it up in Durango. The offers on financing are so much better for brand new than used Jeeps, plus I wouldn't feel guilty for buying a brand new car knowing that I will drive it literally for forever. We've had the Jeep Grand Cherokee for 10 years now and it is getting close to 200,000 miles! My biggest decision right now is the COLOR! I was considering the bright yellow, but Jay doesn't like it very much, and it's the most expensive color Jeep offers. So now the color is narrowed down to red, rescue green or steel blue metallic. Savanna is hoping for the blue.


Tom Ufer said...

I say buy the Blue ! I'll meet you in the Lodge after you and Jay ski downhill. I'll be the one with the cigar telling the bartender how to make a proper martini.

TerresaFontana said...

Okay, that's just crazy!!! Here I am, sitting here in 78 degree weather, HOPING for some fall sometime soon - and you've already got a ton of snow! GRRRRR!!!!

Enjoy it and have lots of fun with the kiddos and Jay as he begins his new schedule! (6 months already - that's crazy, too!)

TerresaFontana said...

p.s. I'd go with the red or the blue... It's a tough pick for me!

Steve said...

I would need to see the colors in person, but the steel blue metallic sounds nice. :)