Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our trombone player

Jay's mom requested to see pictures of Savanna playing her trombone. We are still surprised that this was her choice of instrument for band this year, but she is learning to play it very fast. Savanna is the middle child, but she has really adjusted to her new school the best out of our three kids. Schoolwork has always been very easy for her. Savanna was also voted by her class to be the student leader this trimester, which means she gets to do things like the school announcements on Wednesday mornings and gets a free lunch that day.
Garrett and Maralee are above sitting in our new recliners we had delivered this week. We've been in Telluride for six months sitting either on an inflatable couch or camping chairs! We took advantage of the Ashley Home Furniture 2 for 1 recliner special.

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