Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving 2007 was the first time for us to be away from family on a major holiday. Jay spent the day working while Garrett and I volunteered most of the day helping at our church's community dinner held at the high school. I think I cut about 100 pieces of pie during the afternoon, then I was in charge of the green bean casserole and stuffing during the dinner. Garrett was in charge of mashed potatoes. I think we served over 100 people during our shift. Our church fed over 200 people. The food was awesome and it was free! There was a large group of guys that we thought were probably here to work the ski lifts and since ski season has been delayed, they may even be here completely broke until they start working. They were sure happy when we piled the food on their plates. :) Maralee and Savanna had a good time playing with kids that they know from church and school. It was really a huge dinner of people coming together very thankful for what they have. I also had to wear one of the turkey hats while I was serving, but I managed to not get a picture of that, hahahaha! :)

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