Monday, November 5, 2007

Pie in the Sky = Success!!!

I have an awesome new cookbook called, "Pie in the Sky," and I decided to try out a high elevation recipe before Thanksgiving gets here. This is a pumpkin custard pie with a whole wheat crust. I think it turned out great! I have many other recipes to try like lemon meringue and I could even try a coconut cream pie if we had certain relatives visiting (I thought maybe I could bribe Jay's dad to visit if I promised pie), The author tried out all of her recipes in different cities around the country, and I followed the instructions listed for Breckenridge, Colorado.

Saturday evening Jay and I went to the Gaelic Storm concert here at the Palm Theatre. Gaelic Storm is the group that played the Irish party music on Titanic. They were really awesome! I wish we had brought the kids. I really think they would have enjoyed it. After the concert we sort-of got to meet them because Jay went to help them check into their hotel.

Here are a couple of pictures of Wilson Peak that I took when we were out for a little drive on Sunday. The snow isn't melting off of Wilson!


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Wilson Peak looks nice, but that pie looks even nicer! :)