Thursday, November 15, 2007

Telluride Airport

Jay's mom flew into the Telluride airport today for a visit! Can you see the airplane in the picture above? It's hovering just above the fence. Barbara said she had an amazing view of mountains all the way from Denver to Telluride. Tonight she is letting the kids open their Christmas presents after we eat dinner at Emilio's. This is definitely the first time we have ever had Christmas before Thanksgiving! She surprised the kids just like my parents did when they visited in September. They were really shocked yet again! :)

Here is the plane right before Barbara got out. Can't get too many pictures of Wilson Peak. :)

It really is too bad I didn't get a decent picture of Savanna in her school play last night. The fifth grade did "The Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare. They had pretty elaborate costumes and sets for a school play, and the kids were all really great actors. Savanna was one of the four announcers that sat on the side of the stage and they were dressed in sort of servant type dresses. In the program, the students wrote a short bio about themselves and I had to share it because Savanna's was so cute and funny.

Savanna Wilson (Announcer 4)

Savanna is the best announcer in the galaxy. She helps explain any hard parts in the play. She crushes the other people in band with her fabulous trombone skills. She rocks at skateboarding. She will make the crowd roar when she comes up on stage. Savanna is an awesome announcer.

I think Savanna is very creative and might even have somewhat of a big head!!! :)


Tom Ufer said...

not as big as Scotott's !!

Kelli said...

That is so awesome! Savanna rocks!!!