Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick-or-Treat Day

Our schools have a Halloween parade down Main Street in the middle of the day on Halloween. I don't think anyone in this town was working! The street was lined with a ton of people. There were a lot of adults and dogs dressed up, too. The streets of Telluride were filled with people looking *a little* stranger than usual. :)
Our little Barbie Island Princess and skeleton.
Garrett was really creepy this year.
Fun night photos! I really expected to have a lot of snow on the ground for our first Halloween in Telluride, but we didn't have any. The temperatures have been in the 50's every afternoon for a week. It was in the 30's during the time we trick-or-treated. Garrett went out with a pack of 13-year-olds and brought back a ton of candy. I think he must have hit more houses than the girls did. No worries about Garrett eating all that candy so far, because he had a dentist appointment this morning and his teeth were fine. :) Our dentist goes to our church and is actually the usher and the person that will cook all of the turkeys for our Thanksgiving community dinner. Dr. Conrad is also a former Oklahoman. I am so relieved Maralee had a good Halloween. She is getting over some kind of cold or virus and stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday. She was worn out after the party at school and had to take a nap before going trick-or-treating. Today she had pajama day at school. I am wondering how many kids fell asleep after coming down from such sugar highs last night. Savanna had planned on being an 80's rock star again like last year, but she really liked the skeleton costume she found at Target. It was an easy year for dressing up. :)

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