Friday, November 23, 2007

While we were sleeping

While we were sleeping last night it snowed. Then after we got up this morning it snowed, and snowed, and snowed!! I heard we have had at least 11 inches. The ski season crisis is over! They plan to open up for skiing next Friday, November 30. I actually heard a guy in Mountain Village scream for joy today. The roads got bad really fast and there were cars slipping and sliding, even a few crashing into each other this morning. We couldn't see the mountains for the falling snow, but here are some pictures I took while we were out today.

The River Trail

Here is a snow machine going strong. There were some people sledding down the ski trail here behind the machine.

Girl Day!!! We have a tradition of sometime around Thanksgiving of having girl day. Savanna, Maralee and I would normally go to the mall and to Target, out to eat lunch and to a movie. We didn't leave Telluride today because of the bad roads. We had a good lunch at The Sweet Life, then went shopping in Zia Sun and Between the Covers. We rode the gondola up to Mountain Village and had hot chocolate and a huge cookie at Colorado Tracks and watched some kids sledding. We have a couple of really cool sleds for the kids, but I didn't think to prepare for that today.

We really liked these cute Christmas trees at The Sweet Life. One of our neighbors is the cook, and I'm pretty sure he gave us a larger than normal serving of the famous Fring-a-Ling-a-Ding-Dong, which is a combination of onion rings, curly, straight cut and waffle fries. Jay called me while I was taking this picture and said, "Do not get out and drive!" I said, "Too late!" The Jeep Cherokee does really great in the snow, though, and I didn't slip at all. We do have a 2008 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon on the way, but we might just keep the Cherokee, too, since does so great in the snow.

Here I am on one of the walking bridges over the San Miguel River. Me happy. :)


tomufer said...

looks like you three had a cool day !! Have a Happy 1 degree day !!

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