Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Skiing

Jay and I got out for a couple of hours of skiing on Christmas morning. The kids were excited to just stay home with their new toys and video games. Jay talked me into riding lift 7, which is really close to our apartments. It's a pretty scary 2-person chair lift that goes up high over the gondola. The picture above is of our apartments and parking lot.
It looked to me like the guys behind us didn't pull the bar down in front of them. Some people here are crazy!

I took this one of snowboarders and skiers from lift 1. This is the Meadows run that I've been doing. Jay has been able to several of the double green runs and some blues now. He's advancing pretty quickly.

Christmas afternoon we ate snacks with the kids and for dinner we went up to Ari and Kristen's house for a Marshal's office party. The kids had a lot of fun playing Wii with Christy's kids. The Marshal's office is kind of our little family away from home now. Kristen was so sweet to invite us up and is the nicest person in Telluride, for sure. :)

It was hard to go back to work today. My tolerance for being bored at the computer is lowering.

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