Monday, December 3, 2007

First ski lesson

I bled on my ski instructor today. Yep, who else would be bleeding at a ski lesson? It was a really warm and sunny 42 degrees, so we peeled of layers and I stupidly took off my gloves. Then I fell down a couple of times and my hands were pretty numb. I apparently sliced some skin off of my thumb on my ski and when my instructor helped me get up (something I have major problems doing on skis) there was suddenly blood all over my hand!!! I was so embarrassed, but I think there was just a little on his jacket. I think he had to help pull me up four times and he was very nice about it. Jay and I were the only ones there for lessons today, so it was like having a private instructor. He even ate lunch with us.

As for the skiing experience, I'm not quite ready to even call it "fun." Man, it's a lot harder than I was expecting. Jay is doing great and using skills he learned skiing in mountain warfare training in the Marines. There were many times I really wanted to chicken out and go home, but I kept pushing myself and we plan to go back tomorrow. By the way, we didn't even use a lift of any kind. There was a small area available, but our instructor wanted us to learn how to move around uphill and down. Above is the hill I skied on today. It doesn't look very steep, but walking up it in skis really sucked!

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