Thursday, December 6, 2007

Noel Night in Telluride

Last night was the annual Noel Night in Telluride. The shops stayed open late and offerred discounts to locals. Santa was at our bank until 6:30, so that was our first stop. Garrett and Savanna have decided they are too old to visit Santa, so they just watched Maralee. I told them that I guess that means they are too old to get gifts from Santa, which they quickly disagreed with! We didn't really spend a whole lot of time in each shop because they were as crowded as a mall on Christmas Eve.

This is the entrance to the kids' favorite shop, Zia Sun. Maralee thinks this Santa is creepy.

Here is Maralee, visiting Santa alone. :( I really think Garrett would have at least stood by Santa if Savanna had been willing to.

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