Friday, December 7, 2007

Telluride waking up this morning

We had a little bit of snow overnight, but the temperature has been above freezing. Lots more snow is supposed to be on its way. It should be great for when we ski next week!! We've been enjoying driving our new Jeep around and figuring out all the little things, wondering how we ever survived without satellite radio. The biggest adjustment for me is that since it isn't all-time four wheel drive, I have to put it in four wheel drive to get up to Maralee's school because the back wheels slip a little. The Cherokee never did that.

Tonight is the Christmas party at the Chief's house. Fun!! Jay works with a great group of people and I always enjoy seeing all of them. The kids are afraid they will get bored, but I told them this is really our only get-together with a group of people for the holidays.


Kelli said...

So pretty!!! It looks like we're going to get some cooler weather, but they're saying thunderstorms Sunday and Monday and ice pellets on Tuesday! ACK! I LOVE snow! I HATE ice!!!

It's very grey and drizzly this morning, so I've been wasting the morning away on the computer! LOL!

Kelli said...

Oh! Have fun at the Christmas party tonight!

Your new Jeep sounds so awesome! My awesome truck is currently dragging it's butt...the air suspension compressor and relay went out, but it's being repaired and will be back to it's awesomeness soon!

The satellite radio sounds really fun!

Colorado Guy (Steve) said...

That is definitely a pretty view of the snow and mountains!