Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If you know me, you have probably heard me talk about our friend Steve Garufi that lives in Buena Vista, Colorado. He IS and the webmaster of many other sites including Scenic Telluride has quite a few photos that I have taken and let Steve use since he doesn't get to visit Telluride as often as he would like to for pictures. Today I posted some pictures of Trout Lake which is up near the summit of Lizard Head Pass, and Steve has placed them on Scenic Telluride and a link from the front page of ColoradoGuy!! I don't consider myself to be a photographer at all, so this is very exciting for me. I guess something good did come out of not skiing yesterday.

Please keep Steve in your prayers because next week he is going to start something major, a bike across America trip. He is starting in California and ending in Florida. He will have several long stretches of road with no support contacts for emergencies and will be totally relying on God to get through these times. I have no doubt he can accomplish this trip that he has been dreaming of and planning for so long.

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Steve said...

I just found this blog entry today ... after doing a web search for "Colorado Guy" tonight!

Thanks for your prayers. I made it across the country! :)