Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Missing Family

I don't have any awesome new pictures or stories this week. Unfortunately I haven't been out much the past few days. I had the weirdest migraine hit me Saturday and I tried to ski Sunday but was too dizzy and weird-headed feeling. January is always a tough month and I'm not sure why. I just wanted to let everyone in Oklahoma know how much I terribly miss you. I know my blog is usually only upbeat and we are excited to be here, but I've been very lonely for our family and friends. :) No new snow reports here, either. We got the huge dump of 5 feet of snow a couple of weeks ago and only little spits of snow since then. The kids are just crazy about ski PE and we think Maralee skied the same run I've been working on yesterday because she said she rode up lift 10. My little 6-year-old is catching up to me!

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The Eddy's said...

Hey Lisa, I am so sorry that I've been so bad at responding to your comments...you are so faithful to say hi here and there, I really appreciate it. Ari and I would love to go out to dinner with ya'll...Do What? : ) Can't wait to catch up with you, it's been forever!