Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ophir, Colorado After the Avalanche

The town of Ophir was completed shut off last week due to a large avalanche. It took several days for the crews to clear it as they had to wait for the storm to die down and they had to perform a few controlled avalanches to make sure the heavy equipment brought in wouldn't trigger new uncontrolled avalanches.
I definitely was not obeying this sign as I DID stop and I suppose it was not completely necessary for me to drive on in seeing that I don't live in Ophir.

Here are some nice views of the avalanche runs.

The San Juan mountains have some of the most avalanche-prone areas in the continental United States. The San Juan wilderness areas also have the most active avalanche control and snow physics study areas in the country and is one of the most geologically diverse mountain regions in the world. I guess that's the price we pay for living in some of the cleanest air in the US, too. :)

Ophir has over 100 residents and our paper stated that they mostly enjoyed their time of being snowed in. They had dinner parties, some skied off of the top of their cars, and they enjoyed watching the controlled avalanches.

My Jeep looks small next to the plowed snow at the side of the road here.

This is the view as I left Ophir, facing west. It was a nice drive. I skied for a couple of hours this morning until I got tired, and Jay stayed and skied the rest of the day. Driving the new Jeep is a nice way to pass time and I got 3 new CD's loaded into the navigation system memory.

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I enjoyed reading your blog. My family owns 10 lots in Ophir and I was very intersted in seeing your pictures. Did the avalanche come through the town and have they had a wet slushy avalanche in Ophir this year? We would eventually like to build on some of our lots and are in the process of evaluating the situation there. If you could give me any information I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks
Would love to hear from you.
Joyce at garyandjoycewhitaker@gmail.com