Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Powder Days

My first experience to ski a deep powder day was....interesting. The snow felt so different it really kind of freaked me out. I fell, and fell and fell. Most of my falls were probably quite entertaining and either made me laugh or mad. Once I decided to just lay down in the 3-4 feet deep snow I had crashed into and thought about just making snow angels the rest of the day. Jay had a few good crashes that he entertained Shai with on the black runs in the afternoon, which included a nice face plant and one ski popping off. At least we don't get hurt in the soft powdery snow.

Here Jay and I are with Shai Walker, our instructor that we've skied with probably 10+ times. I'm sure I am the model student. HAHA! Not really. Sometimes I don't do what I'm told, but I try. The important thing is, we always have fun.

Jay, Shai and a girl from Virginia we skied with here on Double Cabin. I did FINALLY ski another double green run Tuesday, Village Bypass, but I didn't even think to get my camera out. Thank goodness my camera has survived all of the falls I had this week.

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