Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Maralee's 7th Birthday

Maralee got to pick what she wanted to do for her birthday (February 24), and she wanted to go to the Ouray Hot Springs to swim just like we did on Savanna's birthday. We were so lucky to see 5 female bighorn sheep as we drove into town! I've been looking for bighorn sheep for years, so I was thrilled and disappointed at the same time because we didn't see any males. The stubby horns the females have are just nothing to be too thrilled about. This is the only picture that turned out well as we drove by and you can see I got a big drop of rain right on the lens.
It was a warm 44 degrees in Ouray, so we didn't really have to run from the dressing rooms to the pool. I couldn't believe it rained on us almost the whole time we were there. We haven't seen rain in months! 1000 feet of elevation really does make a difference. Ouray even has a lot of exposed grass in the park, not like our town park that is covered in several feet of snow.

Maralee's choice of dinner was McDonald's. We have successfully avoided McDonald's for at least 9 months. She should look more excited than she does in her picture here. She looks like she is thinking, "Mom! Don't take my picture!"

Maralee looks a little scared here because she is totally scared of fire, even if it is just on birthday candles!! We sang Happy Birthday and during the song she said, "Stop singing so slow!! I'm scared!!!" She definitely blew out all 7 candles in one breath!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's Up This Week

Check out my pictures of the moon last night! I do so love taking pictures of the moon. I didn't take any during the lunar eclipse last night, though. It was kind of cloudy and too dark for my little camera to really capture what the eclipse looked like.

Of course, we spent our days off skiing this week! Here is the run Little Maude.

Jay and the kids in front of the High Camp Warming Hut at 11,815 feet. The kids had a four day weekend for President's Day so we skied as much as we could with them.

It almost looks like you could touch Wilson Peak from up there at the top of lift 12!! Lizard Head is hiding behind the trees on the left.

Maralee is here enjoying her pizza at Crazy Elk, the place where we take the kids for lunch during skiing. :)

I took this little video while we were in Ute Park. Too bad I missed Garrett in this. He came zooming by right after I stopped the video. The video is kind of dark and I hate hearing my voice recorded, ugh! But you can enjoy watching Maralee skiing by us.

I didn't get any pictures of this, but it's been snow removal week for the roof of our apartment. The men were up there for hours and hours knocking snow off and then got down to about a foot of ice. They were pounding away so loudly with sledgehammers and shovels that I really would not have been surprised if they had busted through and landed in our living room. Thank goodness we aren't day sleepers!! Speaking of day sleepers, Kristen was out on her balcony and saw us on lift 10 the other day and she went inside and made a sign for me and stuck it in her window that says, "GO LISA. AWESOME!" Too bad I didn't get a picture of that either. I'm such a slacker. HA HA~

Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Snow, More Skiing

What a beautiful view of Wilson Peak with the blue sky and clouds hovering. The skies haven't been very clear lately with all of the snowstorms, so it is really nice to have a day to see Wilson Peak again. The ski area report says that we have had 264 inches of snow this season!

We stopped at Gorrono's for lunch. I can finally ski down to it since I started skiing Village Bypass.

Elk chili, YUM! My friend Kelly that lives in Kansas pointed out that you can see my reflection in the spoon. I didn't notice that before and I think it's pretty funny!

Plowing our parking lot has been a pretty big job for the town this year. They have piled up such a huge amount of snow in the center that no one can park correctly there anymore, so a bunch of people started parallel parking alongside the snow.
Our Jeep is hiding here behind the huge mound of snow, fourth car from the left.