Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Maralee's 7th Birthday

Maralee got to pick what she wanted to do for her birthday (February 24), and she wanted to go to the Ouray Hot Springs to swim just like we did on Savanna's birthday. We were so lucky to see 5 female bighorn sheep as we drove into town! I've been looking for bighorn sheep for years, so I was thrilled and disappointed at the same time because we didn't see any males. The stubby horns the females have are just nothing to be too thrilled about. This is the only picture that turned out well as we drove by and you can see I got a big drop of rain right on the lens.
It was a warm 44 degrees in Ouray, so we didn't really have to run from the dressing rooms to the pool. I couldn't believe it rained on us almost the whole time we were there. We haven't seen rain in months! 1000 feet of elevation really does make a difference. Ouray even has a lot of exposed grass in the park, not like our town park that is covered in several feet of snow.

Maralee's choice of dinner was McDonald's. We have successfully avoided McDonald's for at least 9 months. She should look more excited than she does in her picture here. She looks like she is thinking, "Mom! Don't take my picture!"

Maralee looks a little scared here because she is totally scared of fire, even if it is just on birthday candles!! We sang Happy Birthday and during the song she said, "Stop singing so slow!! I'm scared!!!" She definitely blew out all 7 candles in one breath!

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