Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Snow, More Skiing

What a beautiful view of Wilson Peak with the blue sky and clouds hovering. The skies haven't been very clear lately with all of the snowstorms, so it is really nice to have a day to see Wilson Peak again. The ski area report says that we have had 264 inches of snow this season!

We stopped at Gorrono's for lunch. I can finally ski down to it since I started skiing Village Bypass.

Elk chili, YUM! My friend Kelly that lives in Kansas pointed out that you can see my reflection in the spoon. I didn't notice that before and I think it's pretty funny!

Plowing our parking lot has been a pretty big job for the town this year. They have piled up such a huge amount of snow in the center that no one can park correctly there anymore, so a bunch of people started parallel parking alongside the snow.
Our Jeep is hiding here behind the huge mound of snow, fourth car from the left.

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