Monday, March 31, 2008

Freezing cold the last day of March

At the top of the Ute Park lift it was freezing cold and snowing hard on us today. Everyone in town is thrilled to have a powder day this late in the season.

This is Bald Mountain, the one Jay did a hike-to ski run down last week.

Skiing on Nellie. Ski patrol was doing avalanche control up higher from where we were here. One bomb went off and sounded like it was right next to us. Very cool.

Jay skiing down Runaway Train.

In this video, Jay is skiing down Holy Cow, a double black run that is very steep at the end. The video didn't turn out very well and makes this look super easy. I like to wait on him to come down this one on Teddy's Way, which is right under lift 4 and people riding the left think I just finished the run before Jay. We have had people shout at me saying, "What's taking him so long?" One guy asked Jay, "Why did you let her beat you down?"

Here's a secret that you can't tell anyone. We decided to let the kids skip school this Friday to ski with us one last time this season. Then Saturday morning we will be getting up super early to drive to Oklahoma.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We can see Garrett's face!

Garrett decided that he wanted all of his hair cut off this week! I'm not completely sure what brought this on, possibly a girl at school suggested it or something. This was not my idea and he definitely wasn't forced to cut it. Jay does not like Garrett's hair to be long, but it really doesn't bother me. It does appear in the before picture that Garrett's hair was weighing him down to where he couldn't open his eyes completely. HAHA! He does usually refuse to smile in pictures for some reason.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Congratulations Jay!

It's official! Jay has skied all of the trails at the Telluride Ski Resort except for the "extreme terrain" runs. This is a huge accomplishment, especially considering this is the first season he has ever skied and we have 92 ski trails.

Jay took all of these photos on the black runs that he skied Tuesday. I have no interest in going on these at all! The first four are from the trail named Confidence.

Silver Glade.


I think I have skied 22 of the ski trails. I'm in no hurry to progress more than skiing on the single blue runs. I just like to have fun. Jay took this video of me skiing Marmot on Tuesday.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snow Forever (or at least through April 5, please)

Finally a nice snowstorm today! I was starting to get worried because the temperature keeps getting up in the 40's. We're not ready for spring yet here. We have a few more weeks of skiing to look forward to. What a rough life living in Telluride. We can't find anything to do lately other than ski and eat at restaurants on the mountain. :)

Below is the view of lift 14 as we were riding lift 12. The top of lift 14 is where the run See Forever starts that I did last week. The run on the right that is shaped like a V at the top is Little Rose, a double black that Jay, Garrett and Savanna really like.

Riding lift 12.

This is the fun easy run called Bridges. I really like the house on the left. It has a copper roof and all copper guttering.

Savanna and Garrett snowboarding on Sundance.

Garrett after he came out of the Enchanted Forest.

Jay and Maralee.
The kids in their Sunday attire. This is pretty much all we have been up to since the last time I blogged. Oh, I did wash the Jeep one time this week. That's it. :)