Monday, April 28, 2008

Telluride Bike Path

The Telluride bike path is nicely paved for about 3 miles along the spur going into town. We actually walked on it today for about 5 miles, trying to find something fun for exercise. This is a photo of the entrance of the tunnel that runs under the road.

Inside the tunnel there are several paintings. This one is of Lizard Head Peak and Wilson Peak.

Lone Cone Mountain and what I assume is the Galloping Goose train.

"Slow sharp turn ahead." "Signal presence with voice or bell."

Facing east walking back to town.

Today our high was around 60 degrees and the valley floor was covered in prairie dogs. A few stood up and barked at us.

The ski runs are slowly but surely melting off. These runs are very near our apartments.

I also made a new recipe today,
New York Deli-Style Mac 'n Cheese, which Jay loved and ate seconds or thirds!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

30 Minute Meals? Heck no!!

I'm a big fan of Rachael Ray, her shows and cookbooks. She's really the only talk show host I even watch these days. Regis and Kelli air at the same time as Rachael, so I gave up Regis after watching him since I was a teenager. Here's my problem...I have never been able to cook a "30-minute meal" in 30 minutes. Maybe if I had a team of helpers that set my kitchen up I could do it. Plus she never tells you that it will take 30 minutes or longer to clean up the kitchen because she uses several different pots and pans for a lot of her recipes. The good thing is, every recipe I've tried of hers has been great!! As Rachael says, YUM-O! I've decided I want to buy an old-fashioned cast iron skillet so I can properly cook all of her skillet recipes that go from stove-top to oven. I plan to buy a new Lodge Logic skillet that will probably last forever and maybe be passed down to my kids and grandkids, or sold in a garage sale. :) You've got to watch out for some of those recipes, though, because Rachael uses some expensive ingredients for some of them. I needed a block of Parmesan Reggiano cheese recently and I wasn't sure how much it was going to cost. Of course I expected it to be a little pricey in the Mt. Village grocery store, but I was shocked that it was $13! It's a good cheese, but I recently sent an e-mail to the Rachael Ray magazine asking their opinion on substituting regular Parmesan next time.

My favorite two recipes that Jay and I have cooked most often is her Cream of Cheddar Soup and Lime Chicken Avocado Salad. Jay makes the salad and I cook the soup. I am unable to find these recipes on-line, but if you're interested in trying them feel free to e-mail me and I'll send it to you. I did find a link to one of the newest recipes I tried and it's really good if you like hot wings. It's the
Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie she made on her show on CBS. This isn't one of the 30 minute meals since it actually has to bake for 30 minutes, but it is delicious. We also loved the Breaded Pork Chops with Sage Cream Gravy which made me realize how much patience it takes to make gravy at a high altitude.

I suppose I'm thinking more about food because this is the quiet time of year in Telluride with nothing much to do. During the "off-season" the gondola and many shops and restaurants are closed, and we are just waiting for the snow to melt so we can hike and get on the Jeep trails. This week Jay was in Greeley for training, so I spent my time cleaning out the kids rooms upstairs. I took lots of stuff to the free box in town and even more stuff to the trash (Sshhhh, don't tell the girls. They haven't even noticed anything missing.)

Maralee has had a fun week. She was happy that everyone in school liked her new haircut. Ms. Overly even sent me an e-mail telling me how cute her hair is and that it looks like Maralee grew 2 inches taller over spring break. Maralee also lost a tooth and my parents wanted a picture of her tooth missing, so here it is.

After we came back from our Oklahoma trip, we kept Ari and Kristen's guinea pig, Lou Lou. Maralee had so much fun with her and enjoyed watched her eating her vegetables and hopping around. Garrett is enjoying his new job at the movie theater. He usually gets one of us in for free and gives Savanna free pop and popcorn. Last night we finally got to see "Horton Hears a Who." Savanna is having a blast on her new skateboard and some of the girls at school are starting to be interested in skateboarding now.

Hugs to all of our family and friends!! If you want to visit us, come stay with us in the Shandoka penthouse. We promise you won't be disappointed. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring break in Oklahoma

Even though we were mourning the fact that ski season was over at the beginning of the kids' spring break, we were excited to pack up and drive 17 hours to Oklahoma to visit our friends and family! It had been a whole year since Jay had been there.

We made it in time to go to Jay's Grandma Daisy's birthday party, which was great especially since we missed Christmas Eve at her house with all of Jay's aunts, uncles and cousins.

Sicily and Sadie have been totally spoiled with regular treats of peanut butter dog biscuits and they love Jim and Carol's huge backyard.

Jay and Maralee riding the go-cart.

Me and Savanna.

Parker has grown so much! The kids really enjoyed playing together.

Maralee always has the perfect pose. :)

I think we have made up for feeling deprived of fast food. During our trip we managed to hit McDonald's, Arby's, Burger King, Taco Bueno, Charlie's Chicken and Sonic. We also ate at Rib Crib, Los Cabos, Mexicali Border and Tsunami. I don't even want to know the number of calories I consumed last week!
There were some unexpected turn of events while we were there which I won't go into here, but I'm so thankful we were able to spend a week at my parents' house and driving to see family and friends. This summer quite a few family members will be visiting us and we are looking forward to that, too.

Coloradoans for a year!

It's hard to believe, but it has been a year since we moved to Telluride. All I can say is WOW about everything we have experienced, people we have met and things we plan for the future. Jay trained and adjusted to his new job. The kids started new schools and made all new friends. We survived one of the snowiest winters Telluride has had in years. As a matter of fact, it's April 16th and snowing like crazy right now! I am happy and proud to call Telluride my home. :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ski Season Finale

I can't believe our first ski season is over!! What an experience it has been. I've never felt so physically challenged, consistently scared, and absolutely thrilled in all of my life. In the photo above I was riding down lift 7 to go home. Usually I would ride the gondola down to Telluride, then take a Galloping Goose bus home and it could take close to an hour. If I ride lift 7 down, I have a short 5 minute walk to get home. Earlier this week I did actually ski the Telluride Trail which ends up at the bottom of lift 7, but about halfway down it is really slushy and gross snow now.

This is a photo I took from lift 7 of Jay skiing down the Coonskin run.

Maralee riding the Galloping Goose this morning.

This is the typical view of a snowboarder. You generally find them scattered all over the place, sitting, laying down, or talking on a cell phone. HAHA!! There is a fun rivalry between snowboarders and skiers. Snowboarders think they are so cool.

Maralee stopping to pose.

Savanna in action.

Telluride end of the season block party.

Check out the snowcat grooming under the gondola this evening. We enjoy watching the snowcats at night with their bright lights as they groom the ski runs. It makes me think of a submarine or an alien spaceship when they are in complete darkness.

Okay, I'm ready for the snow to melt now!!! We've got major Jeeping to do. :) Jay and our ski instructors are going to do some repairs to the '78 CJ7 to get it ready for the summer as soon as we get back from our trip to Oklahoma. :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

See Forever, Ski Forever

Yesterday it was pretty cloudy and overcast, but still clear enough to see forever from the See Forever ski trail. Above Jay and Shai are freezing to death while I kept taking pictures.

This is Shai looking over to the Dihedral Face and Mountain Quail hike-to ski runs that Jay did this week, Dihedral Face Extreme Terrain that he skied with Shai and the day before skied Mountain Quail with Adam.

A closer view of the hike-to terrain.

Adam coming up to meet us at Guisseppe's for lunch.

We could have had a picnic with Wilson Peak here, but we were too cold so we crowded around a tiny table inside.

Guisseppe's Restaurant, elevation 11,890 feet.

Summertime view in the same spot as the photo below this one.

What a difference a little bit of snow makes.

I'm laying out here on See Forever working on my goggle tan. :) Not really. I had actually just fallen and whacked my right elbow on my ski really hard, so I was holding some snow on it for a few minutes. Then before I got up I got my camera out and took some more pictures.