Thursday, April 3, 2008

See Forever, Ski Forever

Yesterday it was pretty cloudy and overcast, but still clear enough to see forever from the See Forever ski trail. Above Jay and Shai are freezing to death while I kept taking pictures.

This is Shai looking over to the Dihedral Face and Mountain Quail hike-to ski runs that Jay did this week, Dihedral Face Extreme Terrain that he skied with Shai and the day before skied Mountain Quail with Adam.

A closer view of the hike-to terrain.

Adam coming up to meet us at Guisseppe's for lunch.

We could have had a picnic with Wilson Peak here, but we were too cold so we crowded around a tiny table inside.

Guisseppe's Restaurant, elevation 11,890 feet.

Summertime view in the same spot as the photo below this one.

What a difference a little bit of snow makes.

I'm laying out here on See Forever working on my goggle tan. :) Not really. I had actually just fallen and whacked my right elbow on my ski really hard, so I was holding some snow on it for a few minutes. Then before I got up I got my camera out and took some more pictures.

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Julie said...

These are great shots! Love the contrast of Summer & Winter as well. Your head in the Summer shot reaches to where the snow does in the Winter one of the trail signs! :)