Friday, April 4, 2008

Ski Season Finale

I can't believe our first ski season is over!! What an experience it has been. I've never felt so physically challenged, consistently scared, and absolutely thrilled in all of my life. In the photo above I was riding down lift 7 to go home. Usually I would ride the gondola down to Telluride, then take a Galloping Goose bus home and it could take close to an hour. If I ride lift 7 down, I have a short 5 minute walk to get home. Earlier this week I did actually ski the Telluride Trail which ends up at the bottom of lift 7, but about halfway down it is really slushy and gross snow now.

This is a photo I took from lift 7 of Jay skiing down the Coonskin run.

Maralee riding the Galloping Goose this morning.

This is the typical view of a snowboarder. You generally find them scattered all over the place, sitting, laying down, or talking on a cell phone. HAHA!! There is a fun rivalry between snowboarders and skiers. Snowboarders think they are so cool.

Maralee stopping to pose.

Savanna in action.

Telluride end of the season block party.

Check out the snowcat grooming under the gondola this evening. We enjoy watching the snowcats at night with their bright lights as they groom the ski runs. It makes me think of a submarine or an alien spaceship when they are in complete darkness.

Okay, I'm ready for the snow to melt now!!! We've got major Jeeping to do. :) Jay and our ski instructors are going to do some repairs to the '78 CJ7 to get it ready for the summer as soon as we get back from our trip to Oklahoma. :)


Julie said...

Fantastic first season, Lisa! :)

Great job!

Starwoodgal said...

Hey Lisa!

Thanks for visiting my BLOG. Hope you'll drop by again real soon. I've added you to my favs in my blog folder so I can find you easier.

Looks like you had a nice trip back to OK. Have a great spring (Jeepin') season.

Starwoodgal (aka Jamie)