Monday, April 28, 2008

Telluride Bike Path

The Telluride bike path is nicely paved for about 3 miles along the spur going into town. We actually walked on it today for about 5 miles, trying to find something fun for exercise. This is a photo of the entrance of the tunnel that runs under the road.

Inside the tunnel there are several paintings. This one is of Lizard Head Peak and Wilson Peak.

Lone Cone Mountain and what I assume is the Galloping Goose train.

"Slow sharp turn ahead." "Signal presence with voice or bell."

Facing east walking back to town.

Today our high was around 60 degrees and the valley floor was covered in prairie dogs. A few stood up and barked at us.

The ski runs are slowly but surely melting off. These runs are very near our apartments.

I also made a new recipe today,
New York Deli-Style Mac 'n Cheese, which Jay loved and ate seconds or thirds!

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julie said...

Very nice day, Lisa. I wonder if this path is an old railroad grade?