Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Arches National Park--Moab, Utah

We did it!! We finally took our first trip to Moab! I can't believe we have lived in Telluride for over a year, very close to the Utah border, and we just now made it there. We just went there for the day since the kids were out of school for Memorial Day, and spent almost all of our time at Arches National Park. I took nearly 150 pictures, so I will split up the day into three separate blog entries.

On our first little hike through the area seen above, we saw this little snake. I had no idea Maralee was scared of snakes until this little guy went slithering by. It was the first time she has seen a snake out in the wild, so she probably didn't know she was scared of them either.

This cactus obviously had enough water to bloom this spring.

Balanced Rock.

The Garden of Eden with the La Sal Mountains in the background.

That's Maralee walking on the steps in this photo, and Garrett and Savanna's heads are at the bottom.


Savanna saw this lizard run under a large rock. I bent down and I couldn't see more than the end of it's tail, but I stuck my camera down there anyway and snapped a picture. I had to crop the photo and lighten it for the lizard to show up.
It seems that most of my photos were of the La Sal Mountains. We were enjoying the desert and all of the red rocks surrounding us, but I was still pulled to look at the mountains.

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