Sunday, May 25, 2008

CJ-7's First Trip up Tomboy This Year & Jay's New Toy

We all had a very full day today!! Garrett and Savanna spent the day skateboarding and going to a friend's BBQ while Jay, Maralee and I hiked up Boomerang trail to Mt. Village. If you haven't been here before, you can't fully appreciate the idea of hiking from Telluride to Mt. Village. Maralee was very tough and only had to be carried a little bit. She didn't whine or complain, so we took her to the Sweet Life for lunch. After walking back home, we decided to get the CJ-7 out and see how far we could drive up Tomboy Road before we got to the snow. We knew that there was no way we could actually do Imogene Pass as there is at least 20 feet of snow up there.

This was the first REAL trip on a Jeep trail since Adam and Shai fixed up the Jeep with Jay last month. Jay did drive it up Mill Creek Road last week which probably doesn't really count as a Jeep trail even though it's a steep 4-wheel drive road.

We picked a nice, wide spot to park on the road where Jay would have plenty of room to turn around, then we walked on up to the two waterfalls and to the spot in the road where there was deep snow.

This is a definite stopping point. The road ahead of this huge chunk of snow seems to be really washed out and I'm not sure we would be able to drive here anyway. Hopefully there will be some road maintenance up there soon.

These two waterfalls will only be flowing for a month or so as the snow up higher melts. The pile of rocks behind me and Maralee here is actually a rock slide that came down on top of ice and snow. There was obviously an avalanche in this area because many aspen trees were pushed over, but my pictures didn't turn out well because of how cloudy and overcast it was today. Tomorrow we are expecting sunny skies and will be spending Memorial Day in Moab and Arches National Park.

Last but definitely not least, here is Jay's newest toy. He traded in his Suzuki motorcycle for a Triumph Sprint ST with ABS. He got an amazing deal on it at the Fun Center in Durango.

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