Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Deep Creek Trail

We had plans of completing the Deep Creek trail yesterday while the kids were in school. We left Jay's Jeep at the top of Mill Creek Road where we would be exiting the trail and drove the new Jeep and parked it in the corral parking lot on Last Dollar Road at the trailhead. The weather was beautiful and warm, but about 3 miles up the trail there was a lot of snow that was too soft to walk on top of and too deep to walk through. I still took some good pictures, though.

I'm not sure what our elevation gain was, but we hiked up and up for almost two hours before we had to turn around.

This was our stopping point. We passed three guys that had snowshoes on our way back down the trail. Snowshoes would have been good here! We will go back up there after the rest of the snow melts and the aspens have leaves.

We had time to get some tacos before picking Maralee up at school. We call this the "taco stand" or the "taco guy," but it's actually La Tapatia, the best tacos in town and they are only $2, with the nicest guy running the stand. He has a few picnic tables in this open area between two buildings.

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