Sunday, May 4, 2008

Searching For Spring

It was a little bit of a cloudy day, but the girls and I wanted to get out so we headed for the river trail.
Breaking in my new hiking boots.

This little guy came out and started talking to Savanna, no joke. She's had this happen before with a marmot, too.

Maralee and Savanna.

It doesn't really look like spring along the San Miguel River, but a couple of times Maralee shouted, "Butterfly!" and even "Dragonfly!" I'm not sure if she actually saw a dragonfly. It seems a little cool here for them.

Monkeys in the park.

Park art.

Bear Creek Falls.

Close-up of Bear Creek Falls. See the icycles above the waterfall?

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julie said...

I see green! This must mean all the Texans will be back very soon! ;)