Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bear Creek Falls Family Hike

Now that school is out, we have more time to do things with the kids. Our first family hike of the year was Monday, June 9, 2008, to Bear Creek Falls. This is the easiest hiking trail in our area other than the San Miguel River trail that runs through town. The trail used to be for 4-wheel drive vehicles, but is closed to all motorized vehicles now, which I assume is because it is now a preserve.
Of all of the trails in our area, Bear Creek is the easiest other than the San Miguel River trail that runs through town. There is an elevation gain of 1,040, though, which means steadily going uphill to get to the falls. Maralee does not like to push herself to keep going. We end up taking a lot of rest breaks when we hike with Maralee. It's only 2 miles to the waterfall.

Jay said this is how you make an easy hike difficult. Carry a 7-year-old child on your shoulders periodically.

Approaching Bear Creek Falls.

Thanks to getting over 20 feet of snow this winter, the waterfalls are going strong and beautiful. We got a little soaked sitting this close to the falls.

On the way home, the kids wanted to sit in the lift chair at chair 8. The lifts look so weird now that the snow is gone. Maralee was happy the hike was over since she was tired, but she did tell us thank you for taking her on the hike.

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