Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Canyonlands National Park--Moab, UT

A short two-day getaway to Moab was probably what Jay needed before he works several days in a row this week for the Bluegrass Festival. Little did we know the days we picked to camp would be Moab's first 100 degree day of the year. People joke about sayings like, "Oh but it's a dry heat," but there really is a lot of truth to that!! I will not stay outside in 100 degree weather when there is humidity involved. Besides that, the desert cooled down into the 60's during the night.

There are two major entrances to Canyonlands National Park, and we entered through Moab to the Island in the Sky district. We camped inside Canyonlands at the Willow Flat Campground for just $10. It was about 95 degrees when we set up our tents. Garrett slept in the little green tent. We were so fortunate to get a space because this campground only has 12 campsites and they filled up shortly after we paid and started setting up.

The next three photos were taken at the Green River Overlook near our campground, but at different times of day. I wanted to show you how different the same view can be with different lighting.

Early evening.

Just after sunset. Jay says this picture doesn't even look like it could be earth.

Morning. The sky was so hazy that you can't even see the La Sal Mountains in this one!

We drove a very short way on the White Rim Road to see a couple of sites. White Rim Road is just over 90 miles and is rated moderate for 4-wheel driving. It would be great to get a backcountry camping permit and spend 2 to 3 days on this road.
This is the Colorado River Overlook from the White Rim Road. Jay pulled the Jeep up to within a few feet of the edge here. It was hard to capture that affect in a photo.

It's hard to see here, but this is the Musselman Arch. There are so many rocks behind it that you have to look closely to see the stretch of rock that looks more like a bridge than an arch here.

You can take the LONG way to Moab from here, 105 miles on the White Rim Road.

Too many clouds moved in so that we couldn't do any stargazing at all. The information board at our campground even listed what constellations would be visible at this time. The moon did peek through the clouds some, though.

I took very few pictures of us on this trip, but here is one of the kids. They had so much fun and they hardly fought at all for the whole two days!

We saw lots of these little guys. This one accidentally got on Garrett's foot for a second.

Even though it was 100 degrees, we did a couple of very short hikes. It was 1/4 mile to the Upheaval Dome. This place is a mystery and scientists don't even agree on how the dome was formed. Some believe it was an impact crater and others believe it is a salt dome.

This guy was harrassing everyone in the Mesa Arch parking lot. He only got scared away as Jay approached him with Maralee on his shoulders. He must have thought Jay was a 7 feet tall person.

Prickly pear cactus on the Mesa Arch trail.

The Mesa Arch is relatively easy to get to, about a 1/2 mile hike round-trip. There are arches scattered everywhere in the Moab area, not just in Arches National Park.

My favorite Mesa Arch photo, the view through it.
I realize this is a fairly long blog post, but I took 146 pictures in two days and it was very hard to narrow them down! Thanks for reading!


Kelli said...

Looks like a great trip!!! And you are so right about the humidity. We've had so much rain I think we're all going to float away into Texas, and it hasn't been hot, upper 70s lower 80s, but it's so darn sticky outside! It's been really nice and cool in the evenings though.

Starwoodgal said...

Awesome photos, Miss Lisa! Looks like ya'll had a great time.

julie said...

More spectacular shots! Great trip, Lisa! :)

Missy said...

Carol e-mailed your blog to Jeremy and I. The pictures are absolutely beautiful! I still have to look twice when I see a pic of Jay, him and Jeremy look so much alike to me! You live in a gorgeous place. Savor every moment! The kids are growing up so fast. Looks like there is a lot to do to keep them busy there! Keep in touch! Isn't technology great these days, you can share this with us and keep in touch with family and friends from so many miles away. Thanks for sharing! Missy