Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eider Creek Trail

Last chance to hike before the kids are out of school!! Eider Creek Trail is not one that we would take Maralee on because of how steep it is. The trail begins off of Mill Creek Road and has an elevation gain of 1,450 feet. We finished hiking out on Deep Creek Trail which led us by Mill Creek and to Mill Creek Road.
It's very exciting to see the aspens finally have leaves! Suddenly we are seeing more and more green.

I had to stop and take some pictures of Wilson Peak. Jay said this was probably my 10,001 picture of Wilson Peak.


I was hoping to show how steep some of the places were on the trail, but the photos just don't really capture that. This is good training for hiking Ajax, which I hope to do this year with Jay if the snow ever melts.

Being totally surrounded by aspens in the middle of nowhere is such a good feeling. I could even hear some of the trees creaking back and forth in the wind.

Here I am getting ready to cross the water. The snow is melting like crazy right now and the water was rushing through very fast.

I am so ready for all of the snow to melt, but we didn't want to turn back during our hike when we saw the snow on the trail. We really used our hiking poles to get through a lot of it, and sometimes we totally relied on someone else's footprints to stay on the trail. There were a couple of times we thought we may have lost the trail, but we knew we were headed in the right direction. Here's the catch regarding losing the trail--we had to get back to pick up Maralee by 3:00 from school. We made it just in time to get her from school!

I chased this butterfly for a few minutes and this is the best picture I took. Jay didn't see it at first and asked me what I was stalking.

Someone obviously used this sign as a target and added some graffiti with stickers. Oh yes, we must "Protect Wild Utah" as we hike this trail close to Telluride, Colorado!

I tried to take this video very slowly while making a 180 degree turn to show how the aspen trees were surrounding us. Sorry if this video makes you dizzy!

Mill Creek is going like crazy right now with the snow melt!

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