Saturday, June 7, 2008

Frederick the Chinchilla

I did swear that I would never have another cage animal or exotic pet, but we have taken in a chinchilla from Savanna's friend. Her friend is moving to California and apparently chinchillas are illegal there. He is a fast, high-jumping twitchy little thing that I call our Chilean rat. He's not scared of Samurai because he has been around three other cats, but we are not letting him out to run around the apartment freely. Frederick's fur is incredibly soft and thankfully he doesn't smell (so far anyway). After we agreed to take him, we read that chinchillas can live 20 years or more, so I told Savanna she is taking Frederick with her if he is still living when she becomes an adult!


Greta said...

Hey Lisa...I'll take the old man chinchilla if Savanna doesn't want him when she leaves home...I gave mine away thinking the lady would let me know if she wanted to get rid of it (Stan didn't like it of course!) but she gave it to her brother instead! I loved ours...except for the fact that he ate up every wheel we bought, and then looked bored and grumpy till I bought him a new one!! They never do smell...unless you deprive them of their dust baths for like...months. We went to the Route 66 blowout in Sapulpa yesterday, and saw Chris and Jill. Morgan is as tall as Meredith!!

Kelli said...

He is so cute!!!