Friday, June 6, 2008

Garrett's 8th Grade Graduation

In Telluride Public Schools, high school is from grades 9 through 12, so the 8th grade has a graduation to celebrate leaving middle school and entering high school. The snow stopped and the sun came out a tiny bit as we walked into the school. (Yes, snow on June 5!) This was as dressed up as Garrett wanted to be. At first he planned to wear a T-shirt and jeans, but he found this X Games shirt at JCPenney and said that way he would be dressed up but still dressed as a skateboarder. I was surprised at how many of the boys wore suits.
When the processional music Hey Jude started and the kids started walking in, I was surprised that I had tears in my eyes. I don't cry easily but it hit me how fast my high school years went by and I can't believe Garrett is already at that stage in his life. Principal Steve Smith gave a good speech, as did Mr. Hubbard and Mrs. Rutledge, then Mrs. Suplizio showed the slideshow the kids worked on and she put together of baby pictures.

In the above group photo, Garrett is on the second row, first one on the right. He must have been looking down at something. You can see the girls greatly outnumber the boys. I think there are 13 boys and 26 girls. The recessional song was Bennie and the Jets by Elton John, which left Jay and I wondering who in the world picked the music. Only in Telluride!


julie said...

Well, Congratulations to Garrett! Way to Go!

Helen says that, in our school district, no one has 8th grade graduations, so last year they just went home after school was out.

Is the high school and junior high in the same school building?

Greta said...

Hey...tell Garrett congratulations from all of us! I can still remember my 8th grade graduation from Allen Bowden. All the boys wore suits, some had tuxes with the wide goofy lapels! and my dress was my first floor length "formal" gown. Had to wear it at Clyde Boyd next year for 9th grade grad. Only then, I had a real hunk as my "date." Man, could he kiss GOOD!! My fairy tale dream come true!! Ahhhhhhh!!!