Sunday, June 8, 2008

Telluride Hot Air Balloon Festival

Up, up and awayyyyy, my beautiful, my beautiful balloooooon

Last year I was too lazy to get up at 6 AM to see the hot air balloons lift off, and unfortunately this year the weather wasn't cooperating with the festival. Saturday morning it was so windy that the balloons weren't aired up at all, and this morning they did decide to air them up, but it the slight breeze was blowing the wrong direction, so there wasn't even any tethered to the ground balloon rides. The wind would have led them east, and since they were airing up in town park, they needed to fly west and land on the Telluride Valley Floor. But since I don't get up at 6 AM EVER, I was willing to take what we could get this morning and I was happy to see the balloons aired up even if only for a few minutes.
The airing up process was a lot of fun to watch. These people drove in from a lot of different places, and I'm sure they were very disappointed not to get to fly this weekend.

The duck was definitely our favorite.

We met three celebrities this morning. As we entered the town park, two of the Neville brothers walked by. All four of the Neville brothers are in town for the Jazz Festival. The girls are posing below with an Eddie Bauer model named Meeker. He's 10 years old and he lives in Telluride. He will be in the Eddie Bauer 2008 Christmas catalog that was shot in the streets of Telluride.
I liked the way the light was hitting the kids' fishing pond seen below. We have picnics here sometimes and Maralee feeds the ducks.

I'm going backwards now in this blog posting because I wanted to show the most exciting parts of the balloon festival first. I took a sunset picture last night as we walked into town because we rarely ever see the sunset from where our apartment is wedged against the canyon wall.

Normally during the balloon festival, they have the Main Street GLO which I've looked forward to since last year when it was too windy to blow up the balloons at night. Sadly, the weather was bad again and dark clouds were moving in. This group at least got their basket out and shot some fire in the air for us.
I took several more pictures and if you are interested in seeing them, they are in MY PHOTO GALLERY I guess I have next year's balloon festival to look forward to, hopefully able to see the balloons in the air!!

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CigarSmokingMan said...

I love your photos of the balloons. That looked like a fun time !