Friday, July 18, 2008

Arches National Park

When Ryan and I were younger, we always liked to visit the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I told him that Arches National Park is like a huge Garden of the Gods. My friend Kristen thinks that the whole Moab area is like visiting planet Mars. It is so strange that a place could be so different that is located so close to where we live.

Ryan and Parker inside what I think was the North Window Arch.

The kids and Jay hanging out at the Delicate Arch Lower Viewpoint.

This was our first time to hike to the Landscape Arch. The sun was in a terrible place to get a good picture with my camera, but I'm glad we saw it since they talk like it could fall at any moment. We were there around 4 PM. I'm sure you can take a beautiful sunrise picture here. They don't even allow you to get very close to the arch anymore for fear of chunks falling on someone and the fact that the "living" soil leading up to it has been damaged over the years.

I think Ryan, Jay and I look pretty good here considering we hiked over a mile in 102 degree weather and didn't bring enough water with us. When we got back to Telluride that night, it was 50 degrees.

Savanna and Parker headed back to the parking lot.


Life In Colorado said...

Hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. But these are great photos! I live in Colorado Springs near the Garden of the Gods, and my wife & I visited Arches last summer and we LOVED it. It was fun to re-visit through these photos. Cool name/concept for a blog, too. Have a great day!

Lois said...

Great pictures--they remind me of when I took my kids to Monument Valley when they were younger.