Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Defeated on Imogene Pass

Last year the first time we made it to the summit of Imogene Pass was June 30. I get so anxious that I just had to try it on July 1, 2008. This is the beginning of the pass on Tomboy Road, just off of Oak Street in Telluride. A few houses are scattered along the cliff.
Red rocks and an area of red trail.
An expensive lot for sale right off of a cliff.

I was hoping to show how rough the trail has become. Jay and I both think Imogene is borderline difficult now. The winters have been abusing the trail. I can't believe we drove our Jeep Grand Cherokee over the pass last year. This day we were in Jay's CJ-7.

Entering the ghost town of Tomboy in Savage Basin.

We were so, so close. I've never been stopped by a Caterpillar before. One more switchback was all we needed to do.

My favorite red spot of the San Juans was right above us. The summit is right up there!!! You can see my favorite red spot as you drive into the town of Telluride, just to the left of Ajax.
Here is the remaining switchback. Maybe they were still working on it. Who knows. I really should have tried to hike up the rest of the way, but I was wearing sandals.

As sad as I felt, I am so thankful to the road and bridge department for the work they have already done. Look at this snow we drove through.

Looking over at Bridal Veil Falls and the Black Bear Pass switchbacks. Now that's a trail we don't attempt until we know is officially open.

Society Tunnel.

Looking over some type of mining debris at a Jeep down on the trail below us.

We turned around at the caterpillar and went home. I had feelings of sadness, defeat, and like I had been beat up by the CJ-7. See, it's not always easy living in Telluride. I enjoyed the 21+ feet of snow, but it's not melting like I want it to. I want to be able to summit my Jeep trails now!! :) I would not be surprised if they announce that Imogene Pass is open during one of my days that I am working this week.

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