Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hurricane Pass

On our big Jeep trail day, June 30, 2008, we kind of accidentally ended up on this pass that we have never been on before. We meant to take County Road 2 out of Silverton and took a wrong turn to County Road 110. Most of the Jeep trails connect up somewhere, so we went on as far as we could, me sitting there thinking that Hurricane Pass was not open yet. I was correct. We didn't make it to the summit before we met the bulldozer and the guy that is working on the trail. It wasn't a total loss since it was a beautiful drive and I got some great pictures. This was probably the sunniest part of our day. Lots of clouds moved in over us for the remaining part of the day. The Hurricane Pass summit is at 12,407 feet, and I think we were around 11,000 when we had to turn around (and go back to Silverton back to CR 2).

While Jay was looking at GPS coordinates, this marmot entertained the kids and I. He came very close to the Jeep and posed and posed for several different pictures.

The marmot disappeared down the mountain then popped up again for another picture.

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