Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Imogene Pass, YES!!

Since Imogene Pass officially opened last week on a day we were working, we were ready to drive it when we were off Monday, July 7, 2008. The pass begins in Telluride off of Oak Street and leads up to Savage Basin and the ghost town of Tomboy. The summit of the pass is what I call my favorite red spot. I took the photo below facing east as I was driving down the spur to Telluride. The purple arrow is pointing at the Imogene Pass summit (my favorite red spot) to the left of Ajax Peak.
The first time Jay and I went over Imogene Pass was in 1993 in our old Isuzu Trooper. We were happy that old Trooper made it over the pass after the starter went out at the top of Wolf Creek Pass and we had a new one put in while we camped in Durango. The night we drove over Imogene, we camped in Yankee Boy Basin and it just happened to be during the Perseids meteor shower. Our tent was set up pretty close to Stony Mountain. Camping is not allowed in Yankee Boy Basin anymore, so that's a great memory.

A hazy view into Savage Basin.

Facing west looking down at Tomboy and in the valley where Telluride is.

Approaching the summit!

Savanna checking the mail at the summit of Imogene Pass.

Yes, it's my favorite.

I think this is my favorite picture that I took that day. The sun was shining on us when we were at the summit through a break in the clouds. I was facing west again here.

From the overlook you can see Red Mountains 1, 2 and 3, and part of Red Mountain Pass way below us where the overlook for the Yankee Girl Mine is. I have never been at this overlook with a bright cloudless sky. The Jeep trails are open during our monsoon season, so it is unlikely I will ever get a clear picture up there.

Looking up at our Jeep and a tour vehicle from Telluride.

The Ouray County side of the summit had some spots of deep snow. There are as many rough places in the road on the Ouray County side as on the San Miguel County side. Many spots are more difficult than moderate now.

I got out of the Jeep to take this one since it was such a pretty water crossing. It wasn't very deep at all, not even half as deep as the water we crossed at the end of the trail, which I didn't get out to take a picture of.

A view as we are descending.

This was taken after we exited the pass as we turned toward Yankee Boy Basin. This is the Atlas Mill and Stony Mountain.

We knew Governor Basin wasn't open yet, but we thought we would see how far we could go. I don't think we even drove a mile before we ran into the snow.

Driving toward Governor Basin you can see the St. Sophia Ridge. Telluride is on the other side of that ridge.

Most of the wildflowers haven't bloomed yet. We did find some Columbines in Yankee Boy Basin, though.

Potosi Peak and Yankee Boy Basin.

The Twin Falls of Sneffels Creek.

I took this photo of Ouray and the Amphitheater from the west side of town when we drove up the dirt road to the Twin Peaks hiking trailhead. It was a great view, but too bad it was cloudy and hazy.

I took a video of one of the Sneffels Creek waterfalls in Yankee Boy Basin. This waterfall is up above where the famous Twin Falls is.


Barb said...

You absolutely live in a paradise!! God is good!!!

J, 2 of our 10 feet said...

Those are amazing pictures. I have been over Imogene pass once. It has been a few years, but those views, you just can't beat them. I live in Utah and we have some great views, but WOW. Thanks for the pictures.