Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jeep Tour

Jay's mom and Paul were excited for us to take them on some Jeep trails. We decided to take Ophir Pass over to Silverton, then ended up on Red Mountain Mining Area trail as a side trip, then back home over Black Bear Pass. Good thing Barbara and Paul are adventurous and not scared of heights! Most of the people we know that live in Telluride are scared to drive or even ride over Black Bear Pass.

At the summit of Ophir Pass, I took a picture of Barbara taking a picture.

From the Red Mountain Mining Area trail, you can see highway 550, the Million Dollar Highway, way below. This trail reaches an elevation of over 12,000 feet, but it's not a pass, just a side road by the highway.

The greenest green I've ever seen!

The Red Mountain Mining Area trail is very easy. Four-wheel drive definitely recommended, but high clearance isn't needed.

In this photo I was looking over at the beginning of Black Bear Pass. It is the squiggly brown line just right of center.

One of the mines on the Red Mountain Mining Area trail.

The bluest sky and pretty clouds.

After spending a little time in Ouray and eating lunch there, we went home over Black Bear Pass.

Looking down on highway 550 again from the other side.

Paul, Barbara and Jay at the Black Bear Pass summit, elevation 12,840 feet.

Of course, we saw several marmots along the way.
Amazing wild flowers.

Paul next to a lake of melted snow.

Above Ingram Lake.

I'm trying to post different pictures than the ones I took last week when we went over Black Bear, but no trip report is complete without a photo of the steps.

Ingram Falls.

The north side of the canyon that Telluride is in.

The base of Bridal Veil Falls, the highest cascade waterfall in Colorado, with water falling 365 feet.


Starwoodgal said...

I love your photos!

Bill said...


You were off by 2 basins :) My shots this week have been from a trip to Silver basin. Silver is the first turn off after you cross the creek going up Imogene from the Ouray side. It is one of my favorite places.

I have not been over Black Bear in a number of years, and even then it was always on a trials bike. Right now my four wheeling is done in a Suburban, so I think I will hold off a few more years before I try it again :)