Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Look Mom, No Training Wheels!!

I need to interrupt our mountain adventures with some important news and pictures. Maralee can finally ride her bike without training wheels! I admit that a child should be able to ride without training wheels before the age of 7, but honestly Maralee never showed that much interest in it before. Last summer we couldn't get her to pedal fast enough to keep her balance. Sunday afternoon we took her bike down to the park and she took off!!
Jay bought this cool handle thing to use to help Maralee out while learning.

It started raining while Maralee was riding, so we took her into the hockey rink which currently has astroturf. I don't have any pictures of that since it was so dark in there, but how many kids get to learn to ride their bike on soft astroturf? It was really cool! Yay for Maralee!

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Barb said...

Yea!!!! Maralee!!! Way to go!!!