Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mountain Village Luxury

On Sunday, we went for a drive to show Barbara and Paul the huge homes in Mountain Village. We noticed a sign in front of one that was an OPEN HOUSE and Barbara really wanted to see it. It was the most amazingly huge house I've ever been in.
For the bargain price of 14.9 million, this home could be yours. It has 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and I think around 7 fireplaces. The realtor will make 7% from the sale of this home. Wow!! I took my camera out and snapped some pictures when the realtor wasn't around. I don't think she would care, it just made me feel weird.

The master bedroom was a reasonable size and really wasn't impressive, but the closet definitely was. You can't see it here, but on the right as you step into the closet there is a washer and dryer. What a great idea!!!

The backyard is against the Galloping Goose ski run, making this a ski-in, ski-out location.

Below is one of the outdoor fireplaces. In Mountain Village you have to get a permit to burn wood in a fireplace, one permit per fireplace at the price of $100,000! All of the fireplaces were set up for gas only, but the whoever buys it has that option of burning wood if they want to buy a permit.

The view from the porch above.

I didn't get a picture of the entire house from the outside, but this is one that I took from the driveway. It looks like a one car garage here, but inside that garage door there was an indoor parking lot that could hold all of your vehicles, snowmobiles and four wheelers, for sure. Seeing a home like this made me feel like I live in the ghetto of Telluride. Honestly, even if I had 14.9 million dollars, this house was a bit much for me. I lost Maralee in the first minute we were inside it when she went down a stairway without me noticing!

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