Friday, July 25, 2008

My Treadmill

I can't think of anything more boring than being stuck in a gym for exercise. I've had a gym membership in the past and it was a total waste of money because I hated going so much. It's not that I don't like exercise, because I do. I really enjoy exercising outdoors! The San Miguel River Trail is right by our apartment, so this summer I've been walking and jogging during my lunch break for about 2 miles. When I'm working I have to sit at the computer for 10 hours, so getting outside for awhile makes the whole afternoon better. I also don't want to start skiing completely out of shape this winter like I did last winter.

We used to have a treadmill and we used it quite a bit, but I never got over that feeling like I was a hamster in a wheel. Eventually we used the treadmill to hang laundry on until one day it finally broke down when we tried to use it again.

I share my "treadmill" with joggers, hikers, backpackers, bikers, dogs and bears. Well, I've never actually seen a bear out there, but I have seen evidence that they have been there, if you know what I mean. A storm was moving in when I turned around and headed back east today. This is what it looks like most afternoons here during our monsoon season.

I stopped to take a little video of the San Miguel River. I was hoping to catch some lightening in the background, but didn't. It was thundering during this time, but the sound of the river covers it up.

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CigarSmokingMan said...

My wife has one of those clothes line / treadmills upstairs. I have a used Bow Flex that someone gave me outside on the lanai. I'd use it but, there's no place to put my martini glass and my cigar would get in the way during some of the routines.