Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ophir Pass

It was the official beginning of the Jeep season for us yesterday, June 30, 2008!!! Our first pass was Ophir Pass, which actually opened a couple of weeks ago while we were in Moab, and we finally had a chance to drive on it. We use Ophir Pass as a shortcut to get to Silverton. It saves about 30 minutes or more than if we drove around to Ouray and then over Red Mountain Pass. The plan for this day was to take Ophir over to Silverton, then head up to Animas Forks to begin the Alpine Loop.
Ophir Pass is rated moderate, and there are a few rough spots on the Ophir side of the pass. There is still a lot of water runoff causing washed out places in the road that you have to cross a few times.
Driving over the shelf road is the scariest part of the trail to me. The drop off is pretty gradual, but still a little bit scary.

The view from the shelf road is amazing, looking down at the tiny town of Ophir, Colorado.
We saw lots of marmots on this day trip. A couple of times they were right next to the Jeep.

The summit of Ophir Pass, 11,789 feet.
The Silverton side of the pass. The road is much less rough this way.
Looking back up to where we came from, the road is on the right in this photo.

The price of gas in Silverton was actually lower than I expected. I had guessed $4.60 a gallon. Silverton's gas was cheap compared to Lake City, where it was $4.50!

Silverton, Colorado.
At the end of the day, we took Ophir Pass to get back home. Here's a view of the last bit of the day's sun shining on the mountain tops.
The sun had set when we were near the Ophir summit.
The view of the shelf road as we descend to the Ophir side from the summit.

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WOW...what a trip.
One day my husband and I will do this!!