Saturday, July 19, 2008

Real Superheroes

If you spend 5 minutes with my brother and my nephew, you will probably find out that they really like superheroes, movies, comics, action figures, etc. Batman, Superman and Spiderman are their favorites. What most people don't know in the first 5 minutes of meeting them is that this is a superhero family of three. On December 20, 2005, Amanda and Parker were in a horrible car accident. Miraculously, Parker only had a scratch on his head and a broken leg. Unfortunately, Amanda suffered much more than one broken leg. She had multiple injuries and spent that Christmas unconscious on a respirator. We call that holiday season, "When you were asleep." After Amanda's battle for her life, the real work began for her, Ryan and Doris, Amanda's mom. The doctor's never thought Amanda would be able to live at home on her own again, and especially never thought she would walk again. She overcame many, many obstacles and had many surgeries, and Ryan and Doris took care of her for months until she was able to return home and to teaching. Parker was only 2 years old throughout this ordeal, and he handled it better than most children much older would have. Amanda is continuing to heal and we are so thankful that God saved her life. She doesn't like special attention or to be fussed over and would always be the last one to complain about anything. I've know Amanda since she was born, and since she and Ryan got married 10 years ago, she has definitely become a sister to me.

I took this picture of the three of them on the San Miguel River Trail on our way to church last Sunday.

These photos were taken by Amanda while they were here on their trip and she said I could use them on my blog. She's the real photographer in the family. Ryan bought her an expensive camera and she knows all about the lenses and settings, while I'm a point-and-shoot and hopefully be lucky and have some good pictures type of person. I would never call myself a photographer.

Here's Garrett at the San Miguel River next to our apartment.

Garrett and the Delicate Arch at Arches National Park.

Savanna at the river.

Savanna is standing under the Coonskin ski run sign where under the black diamond it says, "Most difficult." We got a kick out of that.

Maralee at the river.

Maralee was imitating the YouTube video Dramatic Lemur

Parker was doing everything that Uncle Jay did here as they sat at the river.

Savanna and Parker are best buds. They have so many similarities in their attitudes, expressions and the way that they think about things.

Group hug.

Garrett walking Parker to church, and Maralee walking Doc the dog that goes to the mountain top church service.

These two are always ready to pose.

Parker in Mountain Village.

The next few pictures were in the evening at the parking area to view Bridal Veil Falls.

This one looks like Savanna is helping Parker climb to the top of a mountain. They were really only 2 to 3 feet off the ground.

Jay and I after mountain top church.

Garrett and Savanna with their cool skater hats.
I don't know when Amanda took this photo of me, but it must have been in Moab.

This last one was in early December 2005 when they went to Branson, Missouri with my parents to go to Silver Dollar City's Christmas celebration.


Barb said...

Awesome pics!!! Lisa, you are a photographer!!! You go girl!!

Lois said...

Reading about your sister-in-law brought tears to my eyes. God is truly awesome! The pictures are beautiful.