Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ryan, Amanda and Parker's Visit

This week was my brother and his family's first trip to visit us since we moved to Telluride. Ryan and Amanda hadn't been to Colorado since they were teenagers, and my nephew Parker had never seen the "real" mountains (that's what he called them). Jay and I were off work the whole time they were here. These are the pictures from the first day they were here.

Ryan and I by the San Miguel River trail.

Ryan and Parker.

Sunday morning, July 13, 2008, we went to our church's mountain top service. The service is held at the top of the mountain near the St. Sophia gondola station, just in front of the St. Sophia Nature Center.

Amanda and Parker after church. Note the new cross we have that someone made recently. Our Pastor, Tree Cooper, carried and hiked the 60 pound cross from Telluride up to Mountain Village because it wouldn't fit on the gondola. I told Ryan and Jay that Jesus didn't have a gondola, but he didn't have to carry his cross up almost 1000 feet in elevation.

All 8 of us after church.

The view of Telluride from church.

Alpine Chapel Mountain Top service group photo.

Inside the St. Sophia Nature Center.

Savanna and Parker peeking from upstairs.

Maralee spent most of her time at the kids table in the nature center.

We drove up to the Lizard Head Pass summit. You can't even see Lizard Head from the summit, but it is a pretty drive and we saw a huge herd of elk on the way up.

Garrett, always trying to avoid getting his picture taken.

Maralee in front of Trout Lake near the summit of Lizard Head Pass.

We were trying to keep Maralee and Parker quiet at Trout Lake because there were a couple of people fishing nearby. It's a beautiful and peaceful lake and we were successful at keeping the kids quiet and keeping them from throwing rocks. It was a nice way to end the day before heading back to our apartment for dinner.


Barb said...

Looks like you guys really had a great time with Ryan & Amanda & Parker!! But, of course what else could you do, living in paradise like you do!!!

Barb said...

What a testimony to the healing power of God!!! Glory to God for Amanda surviving & defying the odds!! She is a "walking" miracle!!