Friday, July 4, 2008

Telluride 4th of July

The year is halfway over and it's hard to believe it is already the 4th of July! It's a favorite day of mine and I took a ton of pictures at the parade on Main Street in Telluride and around town. This one is of the flags flying outside of the restaurant Rustico.
If you look up in the sky in this one you will see the Blue Angels jet heading east after a fly-over during the parade.

Telluride Fire Department at the beginning of the parade.

Veterans marching.

The Grand Marshal.

A unicycling ostrich.

My favorite part--the dogs.

Telluriders just hatched.

Garrett really liked this one.

Savanna is on the far left here, skateboarding behind the Youth Gone Wild truck.

The Death of Humor. They are carrying what looks like the body of a clown. This group does something funny every year. I assume this was their choice this year because of the controversy they stirred up last year in the parade, which you can see in the next photo.
A few people got mad at this last year.

The Nordic Wolves trailer that I see around town a lot.

The horses, always at the end of the parade; wonder why? HAHA. The man in front is our local cowboy, Roudy.
Jay keeping the peace at the east end of the street.

Maralee at the town park playground after our lunch at The Sweet Life.

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PhxPhil said...

Small town parades are so American....Not in my back door, hahahaaa.

Blog is looking good, Lisa. Telluride is so awesome.