Saturday, July 5, 2008

Telluride's July 4th Fireworks Display

Last year on July 4th, we had family visiting and we were all so exhausted by the evening that we watched the fireworks from our apartment. This year the kids and I really wanted to sit in the park and see the display up close. The fireworks are set off at the Telluride town park's Firecracker Hill, seen below at the American Flag. Telluride's volunteer fire department do the fireworks every year, which is a good thing since in 2007 a fire was started on the side of the mountain when a firework exploded way too low to the ground. It took them all night to completely put that fire out. I think firemen like to play with fire anyway, but it's not a good idea right here surrounded by national forests. ;)
This was my first attempt at taking pictures of fireworks. I'm so happy they turned out!

My camera does a pretty good job of taking short videos. To explain the background noise, I was sitting with 6 kids and in the first video Savanna and Maralee are fighting over a balloon. Hopefully you can hear the awesome booming of the fireworks as the sound echoes around the canyon. :) I'm putting three videos here because I know my mother-in-law will love them. She enjoys fireworks displays more than anyone I know.


PhxPhil said...

WOW! Awesome fireworks! Lisa, what camera did you use? Did you get a new one?

FUNNY...YOU shushing the kids at the end of the first video Hahaaa!

Lisa Wilson said...

Thanks! I used my same old Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P10. It has a fireworks setting that I've never used before. I don't even have a tripod, so it was kind of hard to hold that still with 6 wild kids next to me. HAHAHA!