Friday, August 22, 2008

Alma, Colorado

Our first destination on our camping trip this week was the high town of Alma. We were there the afternoon of Sunday, August 17, 2008. Alma was the highest incorporated town in the U.S. until Winter Park annexed their ski area into their city limits. To me that is cheating, so I still consider Alma to be #1. The 14er Mount Bross towers above Alma at an elevation of 14,172 feet. I believe the snow on the top was from the night before as the weather forecast called for snow above 10,000 feet in this area of Colorado. We stopped for a lunch of sandwiches and burritos at the Alma Natural Foods & Coffee House. Too bad they don't have a website. It's a cute little place.
Across the street from the coffee house is the shop The Sheepherder.
Garrett checking out the skatepark.
Alma Town Hall with a patrol car parked in front.


Anonymous said...

..did God came to your mind and thought when you see such beautiful scenery and at times sooo scary?

sandra said...

great pictures!!!!!!!
i loveit

Lisa Wilson said...

God definitely comes to my mind when I'm looking at his creations, especially in the mountains. Most of the time I'm not scared, though.