Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crested Butte, Colorado

My Crested Butte photos are actually in reverse order of what a normal visitor would see since we came in from Schofield Pass. The normal route to Crested Butte is on highway 133 north of Gunnison. Crested Butte is similar to Telluride in that there is only one paved road into town, but during the summer there is access to the town from the 4-wheel drive roads. This first picture is of the Mount Crested Butte Village. It is at the ski area and reminds me of Mountain Village above Telluride. The town of Crested Butte is about 2 miles from the ski area.
Entering the Historic District.
If I ever had to leave Telluride, I would want to live in Crested Butte. I love it!
Crested Butte City Hall.
We ate lunch at the Long Dragon Chinese Restaurant. They had about an hour left of their lunch buffet, but the restaurant was empty. They told us they wouldn't be re-stocking the buffet, so they let Jay, Garrett and Maralee eat the buffet for $8 total, which was amazingly nice. Savanna and I ordered off of the menu, which was reasonably priced, too and very good.
A dragon slaying in Crested Butte! The "Dragon Slayer" sculpture is by Christopher Willis made of cut chrome bumpers and other chrome furnishings from older cars. This is in the park in front of the Crested Butte Art Center.

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