Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Engineer Pass

We drove Engineer Pass again on Monday, August 25, 2008, purely for transportation purposes for Jay and Garrett to be able to hike Uncompahgre Peak. We can drive around the mountains to get to Lake City and the Nellie Creek trailhead, but it takes an extra hour or two. Sometimes Jeep trails really are shortcuts. When we were up here in June there was still a lot of snow everywhere. Most of it has melted off.
Lots of green but within the few weeks everything here will be turning brown before it starts snowing again.
Up, up, up!
This is the clearest weather we've ever had while out on Oh Point. There were a lot of clouds, but at least they were pretty fluffy ones and not dark and stormy ones.
Our Jeep, Savanna and Garrett on Oh Point!
A view of the pass below that we just came up.
We had the summit to ourselves.
Just right of center is Jay and Garrett's destination, Uncompahgre Peak.
A marmot stood up to check us out.
An old Palmetto Gulch cabin.
Henry David Thoreau's cabin, accessible only by a green swinging bridge.
Pike Snowden's cabin built in the late 1870's.
The last two are of the ghost town of Henson.

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Brian Slawin - said...

Are you referring to "THE" Henry David Thoreau, the abolitionist and author, or perhaps a latter day version of someone with the same name?

I was unaware that HDT traveled as far west as CO, given his failing health by the time he could have done so.